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Published: August 15 2019
It's a quiet wee village, Skerrils. Not much going on. Shingle beach, pretty walks, peaceful library, exploding school, talking dogs, carnivorous monuments, interfering all-powerful nature spirits and a mountainous secret too baffling to tell... Callum Maxwell and his pals are in for the strangest, scariest, most exciting summer of their lives. Join them and you'll never look at the natural world in quite the same way again.

Callum and the Mountain is the debut book from talented author Alan McClure. Sit back and enjoy this one, it’s a real treat.

Ok, 3 words to describe this book… Nature, Supernatural, Intense

Nature: Alan clearly loves the great outdoors. It is described with such affection and will no doubt bring back memories of your own youthful escapades.

Supernatural: Nature is weird and wonderful, but is there something else, someTHING more mysterious at play…

Intense: Wow, Alan’s style of story telling is utterly exhilarating.

I loooooooveedd this book! This is the kind of book I wish I read when I was younger.

The story begins with 12 year old Callum who lives in the wee village of Skerrils. Callum is in his tree house bored out of his brains looking out at, and fantasizing about destroying, his empty school. (who hasn’t) I thought this was quite funny as the author is a school teacher in real life so it’s either an idea from the children he teaches or it’s his own desire 🤔 I‘ll leave it up to you to decide which hehe (more about author Alan McClure)

Anyway, Callum took hold of a long green twig from the tree he was sat in, aimed it at the school and BOOOOOM! “Well, That worked a lot better than I was expecting!” And so the story begins.

Callum must find out what is going on and he will need help! Did he really blow up the school with a twig?? Luckily Papa and his pals Craig, Vicky and Steven are on hand and embark on what is going to be a challenging and beautiful Summer adventure to uncover the mysteries of the world and meeting some interesting THINGS along the way.

Callum and the Mountain is an explosion of Alan McCLure’s imagination and love of nature and music. The beautiful town of Skerrils sounds like a stunning place and is described as such, with great care used to describe the landscape. This is also infused with his love of music, played out through character Vicky who can seemingly play any instrument she comes into contact with… including a mountain!

I love how the book also touches on how a lack of a connection to nature can effect your well-being. “Cars pass on the road, and people bump past on the pavement. Their faces are closed and unfriendly. The air is filled with mechanical noise and the smell of petrol.” and “Crowds are surging down the road, blank-faced, unhappy crowds”. And who wants to live like that!

This book is an absolute gem and needs to be read by young and old so strap in and join the gang on what is to be an unforgettable and mysterious summer.

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Callum and the Mountain by Alan McClure