Hey it’s great to meet you! I’m Eddy.

That’s me!

The Short

I spent over 7 years working alongside children in nurseries and after school clubs which is where my passion for working with children comes from.

I think that reading can not only bring us together but can take you places you never thought were possible.

The long

stoomio giraffe

Sorry, bad joke ?

Things I Like:

Biscuits | Ghibli Movies | Mechanical pencils | EASTER EGGS! | Bad Jokes

Things I don’t:

Unnecessary sequels and remakes | Glitter | Walking into a room and forgetting why | Peeling oranges.

What else I’m working on…


This is my personal website where I offer authors and small businesses website and marketing help.

I talk about websites, blogging and productivity.

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I avoid looking at screens more than I have too so I made the ‘Calendex’.

A system I designed to help me plan future events using a good old notebook.

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Hey, you’re still here! That’s awesome…

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have questions about working with me or if there’s a book you’d like me to feature. I’m all ears. And as the site grows I will be adding extra features so please stay tuned. But in the meantime…

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p.s if you see any snails, do not… I REPEAT do not trust them, they are specialists in martial arts and mind manipulation techniques used by the ancients and will stop at nothing until they have satisfied their thirst for knowledge and keeping it from humans.

Your books and minds are not safe. You have been warned.