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Mort the Meek and the Ravens Revenge by Rachel Delahaye

Mort the Meek and the Ravens Revenge by Rachel Delahaye cover stoomio
Illustrator: George Ermos
On Brutalia violence is a way of life. Ravenous ravens circle overhead, monstrous grot bears cause chaos and the streets are bulging with brawls. But Mort isn’t like the other islanders – he’s determined to live peacefully. His struggle is made even tougher when the cruel queen appoints Mort as Royal Executioner. No one has challenged the royals and lived to tell the tale. Can Mort keep his head and outwit the queen?

Mort the Meek and the Ravens Revenge by Rachel Delahaye will have you wincing and laughing at the same time. A fantastic gruesomely hilarious fantasy.

Mort The Meek and the Ravens Revenge by Rachel Delahaye Stoomio Stoomified
#stoomified Mort The Meek and the Ravens Revenge by Rachel Delahaye BUY NOW

3 words to describe this book…

Brutalia / Ravens / Mort

Brutalia – LIVE OR DIE

This is the Brutalia way. A harsh and violent island ruled by a vicious queen who would sentence you to a gruesome death (beaten with a knuckle stick) in the blink of an eye… and where that eye will be devoured by ravens.

“Brutalia was nothing but a cruel master that extracted life, love and hope like a terrible dentist extracts teeth with no painkillers.” Put it this way, it certainly wouldn’t get 5 stars on TripAdvisor.


I love these guys. They’re hilarious! Easily my favourite characters in the book, largely because they start off every chapter with some hilarious gag, usually about waiting for the inhabitants of Brutalia to die so they can eat the remains.

“We could always attack the humans. No way! They’d give us a knuckle sandwich. Yum… knuckle sandwich…”


This is who we follow through the book. He is different from the others on the island as he is the only pacifist – meaning he doesn’t like violence! But that may have to change as he somehow becomes the official Royal Executioner and has been ordered to kill his best friend Weed.

How is he supposed to do that?! He must find a way to save his friend and himself from certain death. Mort just wanted to live a life of peace without the fear of getting his head smashed in or being put in a bath of wasps! He doubts himself, is he really ‘meek’ as he was so lovingly labelled by his twin brothers? What it comes down to though is a strong will, courageous heart and strong friendships. Particularly with Ono… wait till you read how she got her name!

Mort the Meek and the Ravens Revenge by Rachel Delahaye cover stoomio
Mort the Meek the Ravens Revenge BUY NOW

Brutalia may sound awful, and it is! But maybe there is beauty if you look hard enough. This wonderfully vile and ghastly island is really brought to life by some fantastic illustrations by George Ermos. And yes this book may sound grim, but trust me when I say it is hilarious, gruesome but hilarious. I can’t wait to read the next instalment ‘Mort the Meek. The Monstrous Quest’!

Rachel was kind enough to come on the blog for an interview which you can read here.

Thanks to netgally and Stripes Publishing for giving me an early copy to review 🙂

Order Mort the Meek and the Ravens Revenge now and let me know what you think in the comments below.


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